First cardigan neckline dilemma!

Hello all,

I’m currently knitting my first cardigan and have no one to go to with knitting questions. I’ve completed the back and am finishing the left side front. I’ve reached the neckline shaping bit and the instructions told me to bind off 7 sts on the WS and work to the end. Now this is what I don’t understand:

‘At neck edge BO 2 sts then dec 1 st at neck edge every RS row 3 times.’

So do I knit all the way back to the neck on the RS then BO 2 sts on the WS again or do I knit back on the RS and bind off the two stitches at the end of that row.

Also the dec 1 bit. Does that mean I just knit the last two stitches together on the RS row? Or Bind them off like the others?

I’d appreciate any advice anyone can give me. Thanks.

Lou x

You can’t do a BO on the end of a row. Knit the RS row, turn and BO 2 sts and finish the row. Knit the RS row then k2tog at the end of the row. Do another WS row, turn and knit across and k2tog again. Repeat once more.

Thanks so much. Sure it was a pretty dumb question but it’s hard when you haven’t got any one on hand to ask. Thanks again!

No question is `dumb’ when you don’t know the answer to it.