First Cable Project DONE! Arm Warmers

It took me 2 months (off and on) of practicing cables and I finally got my first cable pattern done…Arm Warmers

:woohoo: :woot:



Very nice! Cables are fun, aren’t they? I find myself wanting to put cables in everything :rofl:

Very cute! I love doing cables, too.


Looks great…aren’t cables amazing?! :hug:

Very pretty. I think cables make things fancy. I love them.

Really cute, and I like the color a lot.

I’m working on some cabled leg warmers for my DIL who has to walk throught really cold areas of the hospital where she works as a translator.

Great job, the cables look fabulous.

Pretty! Those cables are nice.

It looks wonderful! great job

Beautiful! Cables aren’t all that intimidating are they?