First bootie, now what do I do?


I just finished my first bootie for my first baby (still inside :smiley: ). BUT, I am stuck on the “weaving” part. Instructions were as follows: Break yard draw through remaining st.–did that. Fold bootie in half; weave front and back seams—help with this part please!

Thank you.

Sounds like it just wants you to sew up the seams. You don’t have to use a particular technique for this but usually people use whipstitch or matress. Just substitue “sew” for “weave” and pick something you think is suitable.

Thanks for your quick response. So, do I actually “sew” the sides together or do I knit them together?


Just sew with a large yarn needle…or you could use a crochet hook to pull the yarn through like a needle. You probably want to do it inside out, so that when you turn it right side the seam doesn’t show.

I the stitches are “live”, then you can kitchener stitch them together for a seamless sole…in other words, if it did NOT ask you to bind off the sts it is asking you to seam, then I would go kitchener. (There is a video on this site for that…)