First Big Project

I’ve been knitting now for a few years and have done a number of small projects; scarves, gloves, baby sweaters, etc. I’ve been doing small stuff to teach myself different techniques; cabling, fair isle, intarsia, knitting in the round. I’m now looking to do my first big project. Does anyone have any suggestions for a first attempt at a major project like an afghan, big person sweater, etc. I don’t want to take on something too big that will leave me discouraged, but want to make something substantial. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

As a first human sized project I highly recommend Bombshell from Big Girl Knits - if you aren’t “big” it might not be worth doing but, its a great sweater to learn stuff on - I learned shaping and all sorts when doing mine.

If not that then perhaps a t-shirt or shell though autumn is coming through. I’d browse through and have a look at the projects on there for inspiration!

I ditto what Mulene said. I would go for a shortsleeve pullover. There are gads of patterns @

I am the one who jumps in with two feet. The first adult sized garment I ever made was this one. I know it sounds crazy, and it was HARD HARD HARD. But I highly recommend choosing something complicated. You will finish and feel like you can knit anything! I always say GO FOR IT!

Carmen, that sweater is wonderful…you did a great job!