First big knitting project

I’m working on making a handbag with a bit of fair isle print near the bottom. This is my first big knitting project and I’m only one strap away from being done!!

I’m working with wool yarn and thinking of semi-felting this bag so it holds together longer.

Nice work! I love the colors you’ve used, and you’re knitting looks like it was done by a pro!

Please post another picture when you get it felted (if you do). I’d love to see it!

Looks beautiful so far. Looking forward to seeing the finished bag

Beautiful work and great color choice.

How very pretty!:muah:

This looks good and it’s a wonderful first project with lots of different techniques. You’ve done lovely work on the Fair Isle with none of the dreaded pucker in the knitting. Can’t wait to see the finished bag!

Thank you SO much everyone for the kind words!!

This is the first time I tried fair isle and I really enjoyed it. This is my experimental bag.
I should be done soon and will post pictures!

Oh my, this is going to be divine! I love the Fair Isle subtleties! Wow!
Be sure to post the FO when you’re done!