First big girl sock - yippee!

Having started with a pattern for small basic sock pattern, and knitting approximately 10 to get out all the kinks. I have returned finally to show my first big girl sock.

The good news is that I have enough yarn to do the second big girl sock. I am in love with knitting socks!

On an odd note, in the middle of knitting this sock, I looked to see how others do the knit stitch. I realized I am doing something different.

I take my right needle and place it under the left needle, and through the stitch in the back and pick up the working yarn, and pull it through - as opposed to in front of the left-hand needle. So I am now confused if I am actually ‘knitting’. The stitches look proper to me, but I am fairly new at this. Anyhoot - thanks for letting me share. Have a good day!

Congratulations on your first fabulous looking sock! It’s perfect!!!

Rest assured that you are definitely “knitting” all right. You just might be doing a twisted stitch or even a different method from what most people do. But it’s all knitting, and there’s no “wrong way” to do it. The question is, are you happy with the end result?

Of course, you can always learn to knit a different way and even play around with different methods (combining them or just sticking with a new method altogether) to see if you like the end result. But it’s all knitting.

If you’re curious about what method you’re using, you can find tons of videos online showing different knitting methods, and there are several threads and tutorials on KH about different methods, too.

At any rate, you’ve done a super job on your first sock. Thanks for showing us your accomplishment!!

That is a great [I][B]knitted [/B][/I]sock! Congratulations!
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

It sounds like you’re knitting through the back loop. It’s not wrong, you just need to be aware and now you are.

Great job on it!!

Yep, you’re knitting through the back loop which twists the stitch. It’s a valid stitch that is used on some decorative patterns as well as if someone needs to tighten up a loose stitch. Combination knitters use it, too. To untwist you’d have to do the purl differently. You’ll also want to learn how to do the decreases and increases differently. Here’s some info if you’re going to knit combined.

Sock looks perfect and in a wonderful color. Yes, that’s twisting the knit stitch which you can untwist on the next row if you want. It seems like a good firm stitch for a sock though. Best of all, you have enough yarn for sock two!

It looks great!!!

Very nice first sock. Always feels like an accomplishment, doesn’t it? :slight_smile: Well, good luck with the second one. I hope you are aware of the terrible Second Sock Syndrom that affects many a knitter and won’t catch it. (Although, it is not as common for the first few pairs, the excitement keeps you protected) :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the kudos. I already have the dreaded second sock syndrome. But I plan to forge ahead with sock number two. (just as soon as I finish the 2 hats I am working on :stuck_out_tongue: ) I have turned into a knitting machine. What I need to do is learn how to do 2 at the same time.

Jan in CA - thank you for the links. I will get to them as soon as I have a chance to digest them. I believe in a previous post of mine you pointed out how to hold the work on a dpns, That was such a helpful hint. Thank you. Once I realized the work should come toward me instead of fall through the middle of the needles, I am able to pick up the work after a time and easily figure out which side I am knitting on.

Antares - I like your philosophy, I am happy with the results. Knitting patterns have always intimidated me, in fact all patterns do. But having knitted a few socks by pattern I realize that there is room for customization and ‘doing your own thing’. Which totally speaks to me. Thanks!

salmonmac - perfect? wow - thanks - but if truth be told, I did not show the couple of holes I had once all was said and done. And this is my favorite color. Thank you!

Olha - I agree, it is a great feeling of accomplishment, especially since I have always thought “I cannot knit a sock” - but look, I can!

thanks again & have a great day

It’s a darn good lookin’ sock! And BTW, you are way ahead of me in Sock World. I’ve never even tried to knit a sock. I’m sockless. :pout: I know everyone loves sock knitting, but I’ve just never joined the party. But I keep hoping to someday!

You do intricate sweaters and stuff, things I am in no way ready to tackle.

Socks, intimidated me, but once I did one, the mystery was gone and it was not that difficult. And this is me, easily confused by patterns and [B]very[/B] new to knitting.