First baby sweater

This was done using pattern “Marble” from SRK #142
Did it for my grandson’s first bday

Oh, that is precious! You did a very nice job on it. :heart:

That’s a really cute sweater! Love the colors!

Cute, cute, cute!:inlove:

Very nice sweater! Second lovely colours! Now that you had such a great start, enjoy making more of those sweaters cause kids grow out of them fast. :slight_smile:

That’s adorable! I love the colors in the yarn and the sweater looks perfect for a one year old

Oh, I love this!! I love the yarn and the colors and the striping! Wonderful job!

What a cute jacket, great work, lovely colors and really appreciate the matching stripes. Imagine that took some planning.

It really wasn’t hard as the yarn changes colors and just used a second skein, found the same color and went for it. The picture on the pattern didn’t have them matching across, but thought it looked much better this way.

Great knitting! I love the colors :happydance:

Oh it’s so handsome! Great design, great color choice!