First Baby Sweater Finished

I did it, I finished my first baby sweater. I changed the pattern, and I like the results. It’s not perfect, but I think it some 18 month old, will like it.

Used snaps instead of ties.


It looks great! I love it!

So pretty!!! What a nice job!!! :woot:

aww that is to cute!! Great job :happydance:

thats so cute

Very cute, and great colours!

Very nicely done, and the colours are beautiful too. Yes, some eighteen month old will love it. It looks nice and cuddly and soft. Congrats!

That is so sweet. I just love the colors. :cheering:

Great job! Has a bit of retro look. :slight_smile:


I love it. i like how you used the snaps and where you placed them. what yarn did you use?

i want to know the yarn too, it is pretty. Great job, and if i were an 18 month old I would like it very much… I like it now, but i am less compelled to try it on knowing that i could not fit in it.:slight_smile:

It’s adorable. I know that my 15 m.o. DGD would look good in it.

Good job!

Welcome :muah: and well done.

Great job!

Very, very cute!

Thanks everyone.

I used ella rae yarn by Amity. Acrylic & wool blend.

I loved knitting with it, so soft and smooth movement on the needles. I washed and dryed the sweater and it came out perfect.

Very nice…good job:yay: