First Baby blanket finished

before the first of March I was deciding what pattern to use, but having trouble with the ones I picked not lining up in the pattern , I ripped it all out 2 or 3 times before deciding on the feather and fan stitch. So here it is before washing and blocking. It was knitted using Bernat Baby Sport in the Rose Pink color Took a break from knitting today , will start the 2nd one tomorrow.

Hoepfully the picture posts

For such a miserable start, you finished beautifully! I love it.

Is this a gift or for one of your own little ones?

Very pretty!!!

Beautiful! I’m sorry you had such a rough start but the end result is a treasure.

Oh, that turned out beautifully and the edging looks great. This is one of the pair of blankets for the twins that you posted about? Love it!
And looking forward to seeing blanket two, too.

It is a gift for my neighbor across the street from us. She is having twin girls in late June. Antares, my little ones are grown with kids of there own that are too big for these baby blankets. My grandsons are 12 and soon to be 7. I do not have any granddaughters.Salmonmac, the edging is just a few rows of garter stitch. The pattern stitch caused a straight edge to curve like that

Well, it’s an absolutely gorgeous blanket and one that will make this young mother tear up in happiness, I’m sure!

Beautiful work, beautiful blanket!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


She will love the blankets!

What a lovely blanket and a nice color. Feather and fan is one of my favorite patterns. Good job! :thumbsup:

Very soft and feminine! Great color!!!

Beautiful blanket and colour. I’m sure your neighbour will love these gifts from you!

It is just lovely and the color is perfect for a baby! Great Job!!!:inlove:

Lovely. :yay:

Thank you all for the compliments on it. The second one is almost finished. I have about 1/3 of the length to go and then the last 4 garter stitch rows.