First attempt at socks, confused on instructions

I decided to bite the bullet and try knitting socks. I got a pattern from a friend, and am to the section that says “Make Heel”. (The pattern started with 60 stitches divided onto 3 needles - 16, 28, 16 - so Silver’s sock tutorial didn’t really help me with this one). OK, so now it says, "Divide 28 sts on 2nd needle onto 2 needles and leave for instep. K16 off 1st needle onto end of 3rd needle. Next row: (WS) K15. P2tog. P15 31 sts.
Where I’m getting confused is the “Divide 28 sts on 2nd needle onto 2 needles and leave for instep; K16 off 1st needle onto end of 3rd needle”. Instead of using 2 needles, I left 14 sts on the 2nd needle and 14 on a stitch holder. No problem. Now…on the “K16 off 1st needle onto end of 3rd needle”, I’m guessing they are talking about the original needle “numbers”. Thus, the working yarn will be at the end of the 3rd needle. Does this mean I just ignore the 28 stitches I’ve set aside for the instep until later? And, will there be a bit of a “jog” where I attach the stitches from needle 1 to needle 3 if I’m understanding this right, or will they pretty much be on the same row? This probably isn’t making sense, but since needle 1 usually begins a new row, I “see” it as being a row higher than needle 3.
Do I have the basic idea correct even if it sounds weird to me? :aww:

If you just knit across the 16 stitches of needle 3 with the 3rd needle’s stitches and the yarn is where you would begin a round with the 16 stitches on needle 1, just keep knitting the 16 stitches off of needle 1 onto the 3rd needle that you have the first 16 on. Now you have 32 on what was the original 3rd needle. Divide the 28 that were on the original needle 2 onto 2 needles or like you did put some on a holder (just so you can put them back on a needle when you need to). You are going to ignore the 28 stitches, as you guessed, and work back and forth as directed on the 32 (which are reduced to 31 on the first WS row) stitches for the heel. Don’t worry about any unevenness where you go from needle 3 to 1, it won’t be noticeable.

Thanks so much!!!