First Attempt at Needle Making

Today is my friend’s birthday and, since she’s a brand new knitter, I thought I would try my hand at making her some needles. Maggie is also a glass beadmaker, so I combined both knitting and lampworking to create these goodies.

I used a wood burning tool to etch the size into the needles as well as a message. Lots of sanding involved to get them nice and smooth. Then I rubbed in a stain/wax combo. More sanding. Now they’re nice and smooth and ready to go.

I have to admit that I’m getting quite addicted to making these. I hope to get them perfected to a point where I can offer them on my website.

So, what do you think? Be honest…I can take it!


Those are beautiful! Great job.

They look great!

[SIZE=4]:cheering: :cheering: Nice Job!!! :thumbsup:

[SIZE=2]:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

THese are so pretty . Wow! I’m sure your friend will love those. Wooden knitting needles …wow!!!

what a nice treat! they look really good- I like how you added the size to each and the beads are lovely.

Ohhh, I love the needles.

Great job!!!

Gorgeous Needles really great…But how do you know what size dowel to get and how do you get the point I would love to try it at where i live don’t have a wide selection of needle sizes…:heart::cheering:

I had them out sitting in the sun so the glue would dry real tight. I drilled a little hole in the ends and used a small brass nail and E6000 glue to keep the beads on. Hopefully, they’ll hold. I made some extras for myself to try out.

Thanks so much for the kudos. I always beat myself up when I’m trying new things, and it’s nice to have a bunch of “friends” here to boost my confidence.


HA! This is the fun part! I walk into Home Depot, or the hardware store or any place that sells dowels with my handy dandy needle size thingy and basically grab a dowel and see which hole it slides through.:grin: Whenever there seems to be a tight fit, I just sand them with my electric sander until they go through the holes easily.

I cut them to about 12 inches and use a blade to whittle the ends. Then I use about 3 different grits of sandpaper to finish off the tips. Matt got me a small plane and some other cool gadget but they really don’t work as well as that cutting blade.

I burn the sizes into the wood before I stain them and then sand it all smooth again.

All in all, minus the staining, it probably takes less than 30 minutes to make one pair.

Thanks for the info you are really great …I need to find me one of the [U][COLOR=“Red”]handy dandy needle size thingy [/COLOR][/U]

Here’s the easiest way to size: if you want a 6mm needle, buy a 6mm dowel, and if you want a 9mm needle, buy a 9mm dowel. Whatever thickness you want the needle to be, buy a dowel that thick. I don’t know what timbers are sold in other countries, but here it would likely be radiata pine, so be careful about using it for thinner needles, anything under 5mm you need to check out the floppiness of the wood.
I like them! I am not used to seeing the tops that are really flat instead of more rounded, I’m not sure whether I prefer the round ones or I am just very surprised to see flat ones. Love the bead addition on top, the wood looks nice,
If you’re hoping to sell them, I would suggest having some rounder beads as the main top as well as the flatter ones you’ve shown, and see if they both sell equally. I would buy some intense but less bright-coloured beads - so maybe include dark forest and sapphire greens, black, etc. as well as the bright cheerful colours? What’s that wood you used? Nice colour and grain, is that the natural colour for that wood?

These are really a fabulous idea. Very crafty and DIY! But what else would I expect from a knitter?!?!:thumbsup:

very nice. if i used straights, i’d buy them.

I think they’re great.

I use a pencil sharpener to make points. THey’re really good for makign dbls.

They are beautiful! What a thoughtful gift.

My hubby says we need to find one of those “old fashioned” pencil sharpeners that screw into the wall and have the different size holes on them. Remember those? That would be awesome for sharpening just about every size dowel except the big, honkin’ ones!