First attempt at lace

A bit ago I posted asking for advice on a sock I was working on, and the help was much appreciated! I’m still working on said sock, but not very often at the moment, although I solved the problem. I thought I’d post this rather than continue to lurk about.

A good friend of mine left for college yesterday, so I figured I’d make something for her! I did this last night as a break from studying for midterms, and I’m really pleased with how it looks! The beads are a little fiddly to knit with, but both my mum and I think she’ll love the colours.

It’s all bunched up right now, (and my brother was taking the pictures because he has the better camera, but he doesn’t understand knitting, so was going for more still-life shots, rather than pattern-focused shots), but the colours are pretty acurate as far as I can tell from my dimmly light room.

Here’s the link for the pattern if anyone wants it; I’m doing ‘Bluebell’. I got yarn and beads for one for myself too, so I might try the Lilacs one (in black though)

I am kind of concerned about the crochet parts though, because I do not know how to crochet more than making an endless chain…

Looks great so far! Can’t wait to see it finished.


I like it with the beads added to it…!! :heart: :heart:

It’s going to be beautiful! I’m sure your friend will think of you every time she wears it.

Very pretty!

Really pretty! I love how the beads look!

(and my brother was taking the pictures because he has the better camera, but he doesn’t understand knitting, so was going for more still-life shots, rather than pattern-focused shots)

Please tell him that he did a great job showcasing your work. Artistic shots accentuating artistic work. Well done to both of you.

Beads AND lace at the same time, woo hoo! Great start!

Looks great so far! Don’t worry, the lace pattern gets easier as you go. What color beads will you use with black thread? I bet it’ll look great in black. And the crochet edging isn’t too scary, so don’t stress over it.

wow ~ that’s lovely!! i would love to see the finished product too!

:cheering: OOO! That’s looks great and beaded too. I’ve done lots of lace but I haven’t done any beading yet. I look forward to seeing the FO.

Nadja xxx

Yours is looking great so far. I did the perdita lilys of the valley cuff a while ago (pics on my blogunder knitty sept 2) and really enjoyed it. That was my first time using beads in knitting too. I really like the colors you chose. Those red beads go really well with your thread color. Don’t forget to post a picture when you’ve got it finished.


Everyone is so nice here, lol!

With the black one, I just got some shiny black beads for it(black is my prefered colour for most everything, but in a very non gothy way).

I will most defientely post pictures once I finish it up, although that might not be for a couple days, because of school. I finished another …er…pattern repeat? last night though!

And yours is lovely Nightowl! I was going to make that one, but I thought it might be a bit too wide for my friend, since she is not the sort to wear bulky things (not that lace is bulky!)

And I’ll tell my brother you all liked the pictures! He’s home sick (nothing serious) so is bored out of his mind. Maybe I can get him to take pictures of my other first attempts at knitting styles, hahah

I love it!! I was thinking of doing that same pattern…is it hard?

Picture of my progress!

Turns out I was supposed to be purling two together through the back every other side on the wrong side, and I haven’t been doing that… would that cause enough of an issue to start over?

I think it’s pretty easy, although I have an insane amount of determination to learn just about everything when it comes to knitting (and other things). I’m not super fond of working with the beads, although when I make the second one for myself, I’m going to try knitting with them differently.

I obviously don’t know …anything about lace other than what I learned today and yesterday doing this, but I think it’s a great first project, since it’s pretty ‘insta-gratification’ compared to the huge shawls I always see. I really want to start editing, if not making my own patterns up for lace now, though!

I think I will knit those for my first lace project. But like, I am afraid of the SIZE TWO needles stab and beads!!!

Great start and nice use of the beads!

Mama Bear

It is very beautiful. I love the beads. You must have a very steady hand. Well done it really is gorgeous.

I once had thousands of tiny tiny beads I was working with on a tray on my lap. I placed the tray very carefully next to me so I could get up. Two of my cats had a scuffle :grrr: one of them came flying over the chair arm…The tray went up in the air.
I was picking beads up for months. It has put me off working with them now. I have seven cats that can NOT be trusted.

Love to see this when it is finished. :heart:

:hug: Sharon