First attempt at knitting

Three days into my very first knitted project! I’m working on a Black and Yellow scarf (Think ‘Hufflepuff’) in a garter stitch… since that’s all I’ve learned so far…

Lookin’ good! Your gauge looks to be pretty even. For a first project, definitely :thumbsup: !

This is a wonderful first project in progress. Great color choice and nice design for the striping.

It’s coming along nicely! I love the bright colors, and your stitches are very even. Can’t wait to see this finished!!

I agree! Nice even tension! It’s coming along nicely.

It looks great! You’re doing very well!

BTW…your photo is a good size so if you want to embed it in your post so we don’t have to click out to see it you can. There’s info at the link in my signature on how to post photos. Simply though, just copy the link and click on the little square icon that looks like mountains and paste the link in the box. :thumbsup: You can edit your post by clicking edit, advanced edit. I can do it for you this time if you want.

It looks great! You’re doing a good job with the color changes, too.


This was great practice, though I will probably scrap this piece. It’d been my intention to felt it when I was finished, but… having never felted before… I wasn’t aware that acrylic yarns don’t felt (though thinking about it, it makes sense now).

Hey, it looks great! No need to scrap it IMHO. FOs are very satisfying.

This was my first project too…back in 1971! lol

A white garter stitch scarf with blue and red stripes at each end! I think garter stitch scarves are a great way to train your hands!

Your scarf is looking real good! :thumbsup: