First Attempt at Felting - Can the Rippled Edges and Stretched Out Corners Be Fixed?

This was knitted in Lamb’s Pride worsted 85% wool/15% mohair. I knitted it 25% longer than the width. The edges are seed stitch and the body is stockinette. It shrank 28% in width and 35% in length. Can anyone tell me why the start and end corners got so stretched out in the felting process? And can something be done to make the edges lay flat? Thanks!

I don’t know a good solution for this. You might try wetting the fabric and pinning it out to block it and see if that flattens out the ripples and straightens out the corners. The ripple effect is actually rather nice but I can understand that it wasn’t quite what you were aiming for. I suppose the seed stitch is at least partly responsible.

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Thanks. Its sort of a test swatch that I adapted from a potholder design so, although the ripples are nice, for this purpose I’d prefer that it lay flat, which it does in the pattern illustration: image
I agree, the seed stitch may be contributing to the ripples. The two very stretched out corners is more of a concern because they distort the shape and I would like to be able to prevent that.

Nice idea. Hmm, I hope someone else with felting experience will be able to help out.