First artisanal blanket and sweater

I promised Salmonmac I would post these when they were done. So here they are…:wink: Your hand advice was invaluable as always…:hugs:. This forum has some pretty amazing knowledgeable people! It was a bigger job than I thought, but with help from a couple of crocheters (wheels and lights) it got done… It has encouraged me to do more, but we’ll see… Need to go back and do some easy stuff to give my brain a break…:joy::joy::joy:


Oh, wow and double wow! Sweater and blanket successfully accomplished. I love them both.

Goodness me what a gorgeous set for a little one! I would have absolutely adored these when my boy was a baby.

These are absolutely gorgeous…and so perfect! Just lovely…congratulations :blue_car::+1:t2: