First aran sweater finished

There are a lot of little mistakes…I mean personal touches:wink: but I think it looks good still I will try it on my little one tomorrow he has a flu bug right now and is not interested in anything but sleeping.

Very nice! I can’t see any of those “personal touches” you’re talking about. I hope your son feels better.

Thanks, I guess that is the beauty of an aran pattern there is so much going on that it is hard to see the boo boo’s unless you are looking for them.I think the little one is starting to feel better now but boy am I tired I have been up since 1 am I had a ton of cleaning to do while he slept today since he threw up on about everything.

What a beautiful sweater! Looks like this one is a keeper!!

Really nice sweater. Will look perfect on a little boy. I’m sorry the little guy is sick and been making extra work for Mama. I hope you are able to get some rest soon, and don’t get the bug.

Thank you.I am praying I don’t this bug but I hope if I am going to get it that it is tonight because my husband has tomorrow off and I am going to have an extra kid all week.

Oh my goodness! It looks amazing!! Great job, awesome cables :woot:

Oh what a beautiful sweater! :passedout:

That’s a wonderful job of your personal touches–of course --you personally touched it the whole time you knit it! I was wondering if it was knitted in the round and what pattern you used?

Beautiful! I hope you both get some rest.

That’s awesome!

That sweater is a jewel! What a lucky kid you’ve got . . .

Wow, what a gorgeous sweater! I’d love to know the pattern & yarn. Hope your son is better today.

Thanks guys.Ellen it was knitb flat and seamed together.I got the pattern from and the yarn is plymouth encore color #6002


Awe…that is such a cute…little sweater.
I :heart: it.
Get well! wishes for your DS(dear son).

[B][SIZE=4][COLOR=sienna]WOW!!! An absolutely GORGEOUS sweater! WOW!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]