First afghan and intarsia?

hey all,
I want to knit an afghan for a friend with a large new england patriots logo on it (not for christmas, i know it will take me longer than that). I know how to make a chart from a picture, but I have never knitted using intarsia before and I am not sure what afghan pattern to use, seeing as I have only ever knitted hats, scarves, legwarmers and such before. is this a doable project, and, if so, can anyone offer advice on where to start?

maybe just a simple afghan with a border pattern and then you could do the middle square in stockinette stitch so that you could do your intarisa design. For a border you could do something as simple as a seed(moss) stitch, k1p1 and then the other side you’d p the k and k the p. Let’s just say with 2 strands of ww and size 17 circs co 120 and do 35 in the seed sts and then 50 in stockinette stitch and then 35 in seed sts. of course the first 35 rows you’d have to do seed st before starting stockinette st. just an idea, it’d be very simple and you wouldn’t have to use my numbers (not sure mine are right) but you can pretty much do whatever with an afghan.