Firefox Question

I just changed my default browser from IE to Firefox. I like it fine, but now I’ve lost the little mail icon in the toolbar (I can’t remember which toolbar it was in before).

Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to put an email indicator in a Firefox toolbar? I really miss being able to just glance up and see if I need to open my mail – I have Outlook Express.

I don’t know if this matters/helps, but I’m running Windows XP on Comcast. Comcast is supposed to be compatible with Firefox and so far I haven’t had any other issues.


From what I read in the support forum they removed it with Firefox 2. However there is an extension that will add it again. I haven’t tried it though since I don’t need it.

Here’s the info I found so you can follow the links if you like.

Thank you muchly! I’ll check into this.

Whenever I got Firefox I installed Mozilla Thunderbird, but the two aren’t integrated like they were on Netscape (which I disliked after version 8), so this would be useful!

You can get them combined on Mozilla suite or SeaMonkey, but they have a lot of extras you may not want. I used to use the Netscape products, but since the mailreader opened in a separate window, it’s no big deal to me to open two separate applications and just click between them.