Fireflies! I just love 'em!

I had never seen them before we moved here, then one night there was one the window screen and I have been hooked ever since. Tonight around 20 to 9, I looked out at our yard, and there must have been a hundred or so out there just flashing all over the place! Now they are up on the edges of the trees and they look like xmas trees with all the flashing. We even saw a owl (for the first time!) and the local bats made a appearance again, all of this from our front porch!

And the house is in a hot air balloon “air road” cause we see them every weekend going our the house, so close you can hear the fire light up to heat the air.

WOW - where did you live before that you never saw fireflies? We always have millions of them around my house - I live in the country. As a kid we used to catch them in canning jars (with holes in the lid) and put the jars in the bathroom while we took a bath and then let them go again.

My new puppy Daisy is particularly fond of them too, although she is slow to remember they don’t taste nearly as good :ick: as a puppy would think. She used to jump in the air after them until one night she jumped about 4 ft (no I am not exaggerating) and came down wrong on her foot. After a few days limping she learned not to jump that high just for a firefly.

I was born and raised in northern California up by the Oregon border. I guess they are not really found west of Kansas.

Even though I grew up in an urban area (Jersey City, NJ), one of my few fond memories of summer as a child was catching fireflies in a bottle. We would catch them just to watch them light up, then let them go and try to catch another.

It had been a while since I had seen a firefly (at least ten years), but just the other night when I came in from a walk, I saw about five or six of them in the front of my condo complex near the trees. It brought a smile to my face because I thought back to one of the few fond memories I had. It’s amazing what can bring a smile to your face isn’t it? :wink: :angelgrin:

i’ve never seen them either. grew up all over (navy brat) and then lived in So Cal, and now Western WA. kinda sad about it lol

I really like them, we always have millions around my house this time of year.

I wish we had fireflies :frowning: We have midges instead, woo…

Yeah, they are still exotic to me, too. I’m from southern CA and the climate is not one for fireflies. Mostly this is a relief as it’s not one for humidity-loving bugs in general, but fireflies are cool. I guess it’s not a bad tradeoff for not having mosquitos.

Yeah, the West in general doesn’t have fireflies; I guess it’s too dry for them. I saw them for the first time when I lived in MI for 3 years. They’re pretty cool!

Some friends just moved to Idaho and mentioned that they don’t have fireflies - I have a hard time imagining it, since they’ve been around wherever I’ve lived. One of my frieneds and I agreed they were much prettier to watch than the fireworks.

I guess now that I think about it, there were no firefly sightings while we lived in Utah. As a PP said, it’s the price to be paid for not having mosquitos, fleas, or heartworm. Come to think of it I don’t remember having ticks out their either.

We have bugs galore here in VA !!

I grew up in AZ and never saw a firefly until I went to PA w/DH (then just a BF) to meet his family. We spent quite awhile on his front lawn catching them and such. Even now I love to catch the fireflies when we are back there. Before that, I honestly thought they were just a a made up bug…they certainly are pretty cool.

I used to love catching fireflies when I was little! Unfortunatly I haven’t seen them for a while since I went to college in a city then moved to Boston.

Fireflies are one of the good things about NJ! They always looked like little bits of magic - like pixie dust - to me. This morning, a hummingbird hovered at my window, and the goldfinches are back swarming our echineachea in the driveway. We have a HUGE (I mean like 20-30)family of rabbits and their babies in the yard - despite teh dogs attempts otherwise:pout:, and a turkey family in the field next door.

Thanks for helping me remember these things - the little things I love about summer here one of those its so hot I don’t even want to walk out to the mailbox!:wink:

threesmom, I understand it being so hot and not wanting to walk to the mailbox:hot:, heck right now it is pouring and that mail will stay there nice and dry until after it stops!

I wish we had bunnies here, and I have seen one male and female turkey in our yard but that was a while ago:pout:.

Every night I see the fireflies while it is still light out and I just have to go out and watch them, a couple of times by husband and bil and sil also joined me out there. I just love them!

Ooo - summer afternoon storms - I like those too. I like to think they might cool things down, even when they don’t. Maybe that storm will work it’s way down.

And I never saw a turkey until I moved down here- always lived in NJ, but not quite this rural. The turkeys are sort of like deer here - all over. I swear they love to torment the dogs running up and down the other side of the fence! :teehee:

There are plenty of wild turkey in Bergen County, too. My mom sees them ALL the time, especially along the Palisades (Exit 5. Or 3, if you actually want an exit that’s IN NJ :teehee:)

I miss the fireflies. There are mosquitoes in Boston, but no fireflies. :pout:

:lol:I grew up with them and I always loved seeing them out at night…all lite up.