Fire & Ice is finally done!

It’s finally off the needles and on my body!:woot:
This has been my main summer project. I challenged myself to create at least one big project each season with local fleece (to help the environment and support local farmers). So off I went to find local fleece, dye, spin, design and knit myself up a sweater.
Yesterday was definitely feel like fall. Am I the only on looking forward to sweater season?

I lurve my new sweater. cloud9

Here’s the final chapterof my Fire & Ice sweater project

wow, Wow, WOW! :cheering::woot::woohoo::happydance:cloud9 Can you tell I am excited for ya’ ??? Beautiful sweater, love the pattern, love the yarn, love the colors, fabulous knitting and well, just WOW!:notworthy:

That is unbelievable! So much planning and effort and it all paid off in spades. Congrats!

Truly an amazing piece of knitting!:muah:

That’s awesome!

MOST impressive!!!

Lost for words!!!

Most incredible wearable art.

Wow, the colourways are so cool! congrats!


WOW that is AMAZING!!!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: I LOVE the colors. your stitch work and color work is just WOW!! it looks amazing on your.

Simply Divine!


That is truly amazing. it looks beautiful on you too!

WOW!!! :inlove::notworthy: No words come to my mind to tell how beautiful that sweater is!

That looks amazing

That is simply marvelous, you are extreamly talented. It also looks great on you.


Just like your tats, it is a piece of art that you can wear.


:passedout: Oh. my. gosh!!! I am truly in awe!! That is just amazing!

:thud:Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! I am in awe!