I’m just about finished the sweater I’ve been making but I have NO IDEA how to sew it all together. I have checked all the videos but I cant do some of the sew together techniques because I cast off on every piece. So is it ok to mattress stitch the whole thing? I was also wondering : where it says sew shoulder seams, is that just the back and front pieces together? Because later it mentions sewing in the sleeves (I think I figured that part out because of the shape
Thanks for the help

Yes, most people use mattress stitching for the side seams. You can undo the BO at the back and front shoulders if you want to try a 3 needle BO, but you can also sew them together too. The sleeves are sewn into the armholes.

Thanks- my first sweater is (almost) successfully completed after all your help and advice!:cheering: