Finishing Up

So my sweater is mostly done and it came out really well… at least in pieces it looks good! My instructions can be found here: Here is where I’m confused:

I’ve knit the front, the back, and the two sleeves. Each of these have been bound off per the instructions. Then the instructions say “Finishing: Set in sleeves. Close side seams.” Would I have already seamed the shoulders at this point? I found a video about seaming a set in sleeve here: and in that video it looks like the shoulders have already been seamed. This is my first sweater so I’m not sure which part comes first. Thanks so much!

This is the general order of finishing. Sew the front/back shoulder seams first. Then set in the sleeve into the armhole opening. Then seam up the sides front/back & sleeve sides. The manufacturer probably puts that in all their instructions.

This is a raglan. The sleeves are already worked with the body. So there is no armhole seam. Just sew up the sides.

Yes it’s a raglan, but not a yoked one, the sleeves are done separately as are the front and back. That’s what they mean by ‘set in sleeves’ - you seam them to the front and back. Then you seam the side sleeves.

Sue is right. I just looked at the picture & thought it was worked as one. You do need to sew them in.