Finishing up

I could use some advice on finishing this lovely sweater. While knitting I was a little bit late in picking it up from my chair while my granddaughter walked by with some chocolate milk. Do I need to finish the story? I only have two small areas maybe the size of a quarter each. I’m wondering if I should block the sweater then wash it or wash it then block it. I have never done it that way. I did try with some gentle soap and a sponge to get it out right when it happened but to no avail. Some came out but there are definitely still marks. Any advice, tips, and or hints would be greatly appreciated.

What fiber content is the yarn? If we know that then someone might have ideas.

It is 100% cotton. Lily Sugar 'n Cream.

Maybe Oxyclean? I’m figuring it’s not white so bleach is out of the question. I wouldn’t put it in the dryer until I’m sure the stain is gone or I’ve given up on it. Good luck.

This might help.