Finishing Touches on a Shawl

I finished my shawl:cheering: , but I want to add something to it.
It is just a simple garter stitch shawl, and it is a short shoulder type, not long. I would like to add some fringe, but how long should it be and how many strands of yarn. (I don’t want it bushy)
Also, do I block it before I add fringe? I know, so many questions.:wink:

It’s typically best to block shawls. Did you use a natural fiber or synthetic? Natural fibers respond best to blocking. For fringe I take a 12" ruler and wrap the yarn around it lengthwise end to end several times. Then you take scissors and snip through the loops at one end to make fringe.

The shawl is made with one strand wool sock yarn and a strand of silk yarn.

Hope you’ll be able to post a picture of it when your done. The combination of yarns sounds really interesting.