Finishing top of knitted knockers

I’m trying to finish my first knitted knocker (get donated to for breast cancer survivors. It says at the top to thread last 5 stitches and cinch them (for the nipple area) leave a 14" tail and tack down. then the rest gets seamed (they’ll do the seaming on ones made flat, for you). I’m not sure if after cinching, I do the same as when finishing off the last bind off stitch. I don’t want to mess it up and have them not be able to seam it from there. thanks!

This is a wonderful charity to contribute to.
You can run the yarn tail through the remaining sts just the way you would with the top of a hat then pull the tail through. I catch the yarn by tying a small knot to hold the cinched sts tightly.
You can see that somewhat in the video (about halfway down the page) at 31 min.

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Thanks so much :slight_smile: I can’t believe I didn’t go back and check. I had a lot of trouble, not sure why, making this and had to keep redoing it. I kept making a mistake, different ones each time and couldn’t fix it. I looked at the different videos and think I just didn’t remember about that one Maybe I should go back and try the circular one again. another I ripped out.

My question with the circular (I do magic loop) is how do I tell which of the row patterns I’m on if I lose count of which row I’m on. Since you knit each row it’s not like you can tell by seeing if you’re on a purl row when doing it flat. I’m sure it’s easy but I’m not sure how. Thanks! sorry for the extra question.

The videos are really helpful (and funny). I work these in the round, bottom up. It’s mentioned in the video but the way you tell which row you’re on is by looking for the little bump from the kfb at the beginning of the section. If the bump is right up against the needle the last row was an increase at beginning and end so the current row is inc at the end of the section only. If the bump is a row below the needle, the current row is inc at beg and end of row. It’s a very handy way to keep track and I’ve used it many times.

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Thanks so much! That’s a huge help :smiley: I have a feeling using DPNs would make knitting these easier but I taught myself magic loop. I’m glad I did but I’m still a little unsure of some things I do with it. Do you think it’s easier enough with the DPNs to learn to use them for this project? When I have a lot of stitches on the back needle the knockers using magic loop it suggests putting some of those onto the front needle (adding a marker at the end of the first section. Makes sense but I get thrown doing that when I do the shift of back needle to knit the next row. (it was top down magic loop). Promise, last question! thanks for your patience!!

Questions are no problem. I like using dpns but the suggestions for magic loop sound good. If that’ comfortable for you, go ahead and continue with ML using markers.
For me, 3 dpns (9") work well with the 3 sections. I work up to 30-31sts per section and start the turn row. If I want to make a larger size, I go to 4 dpns and use a marker or two.

The only problem area with dpns is starting out for the first row or so. The needles aren’t stable and seem to flop all over. Once you’re past that, it’s all ok.

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Thanks. It’s so nice to be able to ask all the questions I have and not feel awkward about it :slight_smile: Where I got into trouble last time when I did the top down magic loop was when I did do the part, moving some of the stitches from back to the front. Somehow having part of the section on one needle and part on the other, even with the markers made me a little confused at times what I was doing, where I was. I’m sure if I were more experienced, like If I was fine with fixing mistakes on magic loop, going backwards, I wouldn’t find this tricky at all. Thanks for the info about the DPN’s, the pros and cons :slight_smile:

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Just found this thread because I only get the forum once a week. I’ve been making Knockers for almost a year and supplying Dr. Offices, hospitals here. I do the magic loop and thought I’d “weigh in” on your question. When I cast on the initial fifteen stitches I then separate halfway, keeping 7 on the front and 8 on the back of the. Loop. When I do the first knit row I put a marker after the first5 (now 6) stitches. You have two remaining, now when you move to the other end, I do 3 (now4) stitches, place marker and do the rest 5 (6). At first I used a clicker after each round, but after making a few I found that I can easily tell which row I’m on by looking at the 2nd stitch in…as said before, you can tell by the bump! Also, I clinch the remaking stitches as was kindly suggested, but I just drop the yarn down I side after gathering. my partner and I are looking for helpers here in Pittsburgh, so if anyone in the area can help please give a shout!


wow! just wow! so many useful answers all in a single place! thanks a lot! it feels really good that i may come back any minute and ask whatever i need or simply check for the answers as i know that i most likely will get one.


Thanks so much Nannymar :slight_smile: I don’t find many magic loop knitters and help with patterns is greatly appreciated!

I love this forum! So many wonderful people on it :slight_smile:

Hi Nannymar, In the site in the video, they mentioned that the knockers should cost about $1.75-$2.00 (I guess more if making the larger sizes). I bought my Cloudborn Ultra Pima on sale with $4.99 shipping and I’m getting just 2 knockers, size B out of one hank. On a great sale ($5.70 per hank 220 yds) and $4.99 shipping it’s still costing me about $8.00 per hank. $8 per pair is a little steep if I want to keep making them. Does anyone have any suggestions?. I’ve checked some other sites, couple of other approved yarn and not finding anything affordable if I want to make them continuously. Thanks a lot. I really want to keep making them.

Hi again!
I have been using Cascade Ultra Pima which is 220 yds. I purchase it at Apple Yarns, sponsor of Knitted Knockers in Bellingham, Wa. They sell it always for 7.99, wind it for you, and of course with large expenditure, ship free. (My daughters have been so impressed with my doing these that last Nov. for my birthday gave me a generous gift certificate from them for enough yarn to get me almost thru this year! That was on their holiday sale of, I think, 6.50 per skein!)

I get 5 Bs from one skein…
I just reread your email. OK…you’re figuring wrong. You’re spending 8.00 per skein total and getting 2 pr., equating to. 2.00 per Knocker.As I said, I get 5 for the most part or 4 plus.

In essence, you’re spending less that I do. I’m just so thankful that none of my 4 daughters nor I have needed these for myself that I don’t mind spent doing the money…

So, if you find this difficult, maybe you could budget your self to one or two hanks a month?

I know this message ended up giving you no more insight, but please know that every lady that gets one will be soooo thankful!


Thanks Nannymar, I must be doing something wrong with my knitting because I’m only getting two actual knockers (one pair) out of the hank. I’m half finished with this second knocker and I won’t have enough for a third knocker. I did the size that you use 80 stitches. At Craftsy they have the Cloudborn 220 yards ultra pima (what I’m using) for $5.70 a hank instead of $9.50 but of course the $4.99 shipping brings it up. I was thinking about getting two hanks to make it worth buying it. I just don’t know how I’d get 4 out of one hank, or even 3. Any idea what might be going on? I’ll keep making them though since it’s so worth it, even if it has to be fewer. Thanks so much for your support :smile: (I bought two hanks from Apple Yarns too :slight_smile: ) it’s a big help that they wind them! I just measured mine unstuffed and it’s actually 5" and from the sizing video when their 5" flat is stuffed, it ended up being 6" which is a D. The number of stitches I chose was 80 for a B (flat knit bottoms up)

Hi-actually it’s 78 stitches for size B…are you using the size 4 needle? If you’re using the size 5 you’re going to make them too large! Did you download the Bottoms Up pattern? Take a look at it.
I just looked up the both Yarns…they’re both (Cascade and Cloudborn) sport weight DK. So price wise you’ve gotten a better deal except for the postage. I’ve always ordered two or three at a time to help defray this expense.
Hopefully this is the problem!
Please let me know!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’m using the 4/17 revised version of the Bottoms up flat with straight needles and the amount of stitches is a little different than some of them. I’d downloaded all the videos, all the patterns and chose that one. Here’s what it shows for the B "• B cup – stuffed diameter equals 5” (across) … …80 (74-US5) and I’m using size US4. It’s so strange. I do the same with purchases. I bought 2 from crafts earlier and 2 wound from Apple yarns. :slight_smile: I do appreciate all your input. I must be missing something. it sure seems like a mystery! (Cathy) ps.couldn’t resist the apple yarn sale since I’d earned $5.00 coupon already so I just bought 2 of the peach cascade ultra pima :slight_smile:

Wow. That is strange! If that was me I’d put a call in to the kk office where you just leave a message and they call you back a few days later. It’s a volunteer organization and I don’t think it’s staffed daily. I’ve called several times when needing info to include with my knockers.

Sorry I couldn’t solve the problem but please let me know what happens!

Thanks :slight_smile: It sure is a mystery! I didn’t realize there was a number to call. I must have missed it when i was looking for Contact info. I’ll definitely call!

I must have hope though (and/or a yarn junky) or I wouldn’t have just ordered that extra yarn a couple of minutes ago, lol! I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


Just a thought…are you using U.S.4s?

Thanks for throwing out another idea :slight_smile: Yes…it’s so weird!

Did you do a stitch gauge?..and you’re certain you’re using US 4s, not 4mm which is US6? Loosing sleep!!!:scream: