Finishing the top of a hat

Well I finished my hat. I really am happy for my first project but I have a couple questions…

  1. When I threaded the tail through the remaining stitches to finish the project the remaining stitches left a bit of a bump on the top of the hat. Is there a way to keep that little nub from forming on the top of the hat? I pulled pretty tight but no dice.

  2. I feel a bit of mistrust of not knotting loosed ends. If you weave it into the fabric does it really stay without unraveling?..cause I am too scared to trust it…and I knotted everything. I also wasnt sure about stitching tails in…I was too scared to just cut it…I felt like I needed to secure it more…

When I pull the top of the hat stitches together, I put the needle down through the hole and pull it down a bit, then weave it in the inside of the hat. helps a bit.

Yes, you can weave in stitches and the don’t unravel. If that weren’t the case, knitters would be walking around half-dressed with a long strand behind them. :teehee: