Finishing the hat

I got the whole pattern down, but when I’m threading it together, I’m having trouble making it look good. Can someone please explain thoroughly how to thread good? Any information will help! Thanks!

others may have different ways of doing it, but when i get to the top, i was taught to thread the yarn through all of the remaining stitches (with the needles still in) in the same direction that you were knitting in, then thread through all once more (this time taking the needles out) and then pulling tight. then i take the yarn and use it to make a plus sign symbol on the top… does that help at all??

That’s a tad bit confusing… so with the knitting needle still in with the remaining stitches still on, what do you mean by threading through all the remaining stitches?

did you knit the hat in the round or flat?


You’ll need to cut your yarn, leaving about a yard or so. Thread it on a tapestry needle and put the needle through the remaining stitches. Take them off the knitting needle and pull tight. That will make the top close up. Then use your yarn and tapestry needle and do Mattress Stitch down the seam.

Ohh cool! I like the mattress stitch idea! Thank you so much! I believe that’s exactly what I was looking for!

(btw…Metalsgirl’s finish was how you would do it if you had been knitting in the round. :thumbsup: )

Ohh ok. Thanks everybody for all the help!!! I appreciate all the expertise!