Finishing the bottom of a poncho?

Hi! I’m finally completing this poncho from Drops Design. I love it but don’t know how I’ll look in it. What the heck, I love it.
One question, they say at the end, the bottom to finish it by
knitting one row (well yeah that’s what I’ve been doing for months) and then purl one row.

So (this probably sounds very beginnerish but I want to be sure) I bind off in PURL right? Or doesn’t it matter? Easier to bind off knitting I think but I also think you’re “supposed” to bind off in the stitch you have.

Did anyone make a poncho with a more interesting bottom?


Well gee I guess it was too hard a question! I’ll try again…

:?? I read this, but didn’t have an answer. Sorry! I suspect if you purl that last row, you could bo in purl, but you’d be the judge of what would look best.

Having looked at the pattern, it’s basically a stockinette stitch after the ribbing, except the last rows, where you k1 row, p the last row, which turns it into garter stitch, so I’d BO in knit to further the g st edge. That would help keep it from curling, too.


Really Suzeeq! That’s so interesting. Yes, there’s got to be something happening to keep it from curling and what you said makes sense.

(thanks for trying Ingrid!)

Like I said in my other post, I think I’ll do a little of both and see what looks better. thanks so much for your help!

Okey doke. Absolutely right, thanks again…

doing the bind off knit wise