Finishing Socks

I am about 6 rows from finishing a pair of socks. This isn’t my first pair BTW. I was too tired to fiinish them last night and must have been really out of it ibecause I dreamed last night that I finished the toe of the sock by binding off picking up stitches from alternately from Needle 2 and then from needles 3 and 1 (so they are beside each other.) I woke up and thought, that was weird, but when I picked up my socks, I thought that maybe that would work. Has anyone done anything like that instead of grafting? I’m thinking of going and atempting it. I mean if anything it will only mean a few stitches before I figure out if I am a knitting marvel or if I shouldn’t pay attention to what I knit in my dreams :roflhard:

You should try it! You’re right that you’ll know in a few stitches if your dreams are worth paying attention to! Dream of any lottery numbers lately?

Well, I did try it. I ended up so confuzzled that I backed up and just grafted instead. I’ll try when I finish the baby booties I’m on. My groovy socks are really fine yarn on 0’s and I was working with only 16 stitches. I may just knit something in round with some leftover yarns on larger needles and give this a try later this week. I may be weird, but I don’t mind grafting. The hardest part is figuring out where my kids put my darning needles after they borrowed them “and we promise we’ll put them back, Mom.” :smiley:

:rofling: There are, somewhere in my house, hundreds of tapestry needles hiding. As soon as I leave the room, they roll across the floor and wiggle under the baseboard. :wink: