Finishing Sitcom Chic

I am doing the finishing touches on Sitcom Chic, and the pattern calls for picking up stitches along both sides & the neckline, knitting a row, purling a row & then binding off. Oh yes, and then you “heavily steam” these bands to makes them lie flat.

I was wanting to have a more substantial “border” – especially since I used Microspun; it’s squishy. I’m considering doing a 3-stitch attached i-cord. Any other suggestions? Anyone??

I’ve done attached i-cord and love the look of it. It will want to curl down, though, so I’ve used EZ’s method. Make the attached i-cord, but if it curls down, pick up stitches between the sweater and the i-cord and make another attached icord. You’d have two around the edge and they’ll be more substantial.

Thanks, Ingy!! :muah:

Do you mean it would curl down into the sweater??? And the picked up stitches would be in the “valley” between the i-cord and the body of the sweater???

Sounds like it’s worth a try – Lord knows I’ve done enough attached i-cord to be considered an expert. :lol:

Another thought I had was to do some sort of trim that would sort of wrap around the edge of the sweater. I’m not sure how to do this, though.

Be careful, be VERY careful about pressing and steaming Microspun. It’s 100% acrylic and could do anything from melt to go limp and shiny from heat and pressure.

The pattern suggests sewing grograin ribbon to the inside of the borders – a nice inconspicuous way to add crispness and body at the edges and keep them from rolling.

The multiple rows of attached i-cord would help prevent rolling but (to my eye) would bulk up the edges of what is essentially a delicate sweater. Depends on the look you want.

I agree with Ingy, perhaps another, small icord, if one doesn’t do the trick. Although, I bet the one attached icord will be perfect :wink: I can’t wait to see it :cheering:

Thanks, ladies! I’ll hunt down my Microspun swatch & steam & press that to see what the results are.

The original sweater was made with CottonEase, which, of course, was discontinued. :gah: I was thinking that if I like the way this one turns out, I may try some KP Shine for another one. It was really pretty quick to knit despite the fact that you actually have to PURL ! :lol:

It is SUCH a pretty sweater, and I think it would look great in Shine.
Does anybody else think it could be done in the round to save Julie from all that purling?

Since it’s a cardi, wouldn’t that require steeking? Eek! Wait, that would only work for a feltable yarn wouldn’t it? Not so much for cotton. I think the only way to get around purling would be to do garter stitch.

I made this sweater. I sewed grosgrain ribbon down the front. It adds body and mine seems to lay very nice. I made mine out of cotton fleece. I did consider the i-cord method of finishing though. :shrug:

I can’t be done in the round because it is a cardigan. The sleeves are done in the round but the body is done back and forth in one piece.

I think you could do steeks on the front – if a person knew HOW to do steeks, that is. :lol: I haven’t done them before, but I have to say I find them very intriguing. I was even @ the thrift shop recently hunting for an old sweater that I could steek and turn into a cardigan. :teehee:

So, I tried out the i-cord and it’s causing the edge to pull up. I was only using a 2-stitch i-cord, though. I didn’t want to add a lot of bulk. Anyway, I decided to go ahead & do the trim as they recommend, and then I’ll sew on some grosgrain if necessary.

Cotton Fleece would be a perfect yarn for this sweater!! I’ll have to consider that, too, should I make another one! Thanks, everyone!