Finishing Question

This is the first time I am using this forum, so I hope I can get some answers. I am a beginner knitter and I am knitting a poncho made up of 2 rectangles.

I’m having trouble with the Finishing instructions. Could someone please help?

This is what the pattern saids: Bind off 10 sts, *slip next st onto a stitch holder (the dropped sts will be dropped down to cast on edge later), remove loop from right hand needle and pull up to enlarge, pass ball of yarn through loop. Replace loop on right hand needle and pull tail to make small enough to fit needle. Work the next stitch, bind off 10 sts. Repeat from * to end of row.

Finishing: Block pieces. Fold each piece in half. Sew smaller piece to bottom side edges of larger piece, leaving 8" neck opening. Drop sts from stitch holders and run down to cast on.

How do I do this? I don’t understand what run down to cast on means.

Can anyone help? Thank you very much.


It looks like you’re going to isolate those individual stitches so that you can create an intentional dropped stitch. On one side, the knitting is bound off; on the other side you pull the ball through the stitch, so you have that one left on the holder.

You’ll slip it off the holder when the time comes, and let it ‘unravel’ down to where you cast on.

Make sense?

I think I understand. Right now I’m knitting in a stockinette stitch, but when I look at the picture, there are runs going down the pattern. The dropped stitch is going to make those runs.

One other question: Do I pull the ball of yarn through the dropped stitch or the one on my needle. When I bind off, I knit two, then take the bottom stitch over the top stitch. When I get to the eleventh stitch to drop, I would have one stitch on my right needle. Which stitch do I pull the yarn through?

The light bulb is coming on…

Pull the ball through the last loop of the bind off, because you wouldn’t be able to stretch out the next stitch on the left needle–only the one the yarn is attached to. The stitch you’re going to drop is on the holder, and you don’t want to secure it, which pulling the yarn through will do.