Finishing off "Live" Stitches

Hi Knitters,
I am new to the group and starting out with a HELP! question.
Does anyone know how to finish off a stole that has live stitches at both ends? It is being knit from the back to the back and I want it to look seamless at the back. I was instructed to do this by a knitting shop while on vacation, however now I don’t know how to join two sets of “Live” stitches. :knitting:

There are a few ways to join live stitches. There are videos in the video section of this website. However, I’ve never done a stole like this so I can’t tell you which one you should use. I know someone else around her can help you more.

Anyway, welcome to the board! :slight_smile:

Take a look at Kitchener stitch. It might be a good idea to practice it first, though. You wouldn’t want to mess up on your wrap.

I’ve used kitchener stitch to join shoulders with live stitches and it is pretty much invisible when done. I love kitchener stitch though is took me years to remember the sequence of inserting the needle and slipping off stitches.