Finishing off a mitten

I’m making mittens for hubby to wear int he car on his long drive to work (who knew he had so big hands!) and he says he doesn’t want them too pointy on the tops. So I’m not going to do as the pattern says and thread the last few stitches with a tapestry needle and pull snug like the top of a hat. I thought I’d stop decreasing a little sooner and close a different way to make it more rounded over the top. Can I close the top of a mitten with the Kitchener stitch? I read Silver’s explanation in her sock tutorial and it looks doable. Or is there another type of closure that would work even better?

i’ve never done mittens, but it seems a kitchener stitch would make great sense…just make sure when you’re decreasing that his fingers fit! :slight_smile: good luck, post a pic when done!

Yep totally! You could use a 3-needle castoff if you wanted but it make a little ridge on the inside. Might be good if the mitten needed structure but I would definitely go with the Kitchener stitch.

Okie dokie then. That’s what I’ll try. Thanks guys :slight_smile: