Finishing Help

[[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]I am a fairly new knitter…have knitted some baby caps, socks and now I have knitted a couple of sweaters. I need help with the finishing. I have used the mattress stitch to seam the sides and the sleeves. I can’t figure out how to put the sleeve in as in what finishing stitch to use. I also have a baby sweather that is k2p2 ribbed and I haven’t a clue as to how to put it together. Are there any good vidoes online that I could view to get help? Thanks for any help…[/[/FONT]COLOR] :heart:

IANASweaterFinisher, but from Vogue Kntting, p.98:

“Most knitters follow this sequence when seaming a garment: Sew one or both shoulder seams, depending on the type of garment and the method you’ll use to add any neckband. Sew the sleeves to the body, and then sew the side and sleeve seams.”

This is an awesome resource, and should be available (or one of its compatriots would do) at the local library. In my opinion, the reference section of any good library should contain one knitting book that remains uncheckoutable! If not available (due to others needing this awesome resource) try a local yarn shop, or even a well-stocked chain craft store. A bookstore would sometimes carry this as well.

If you have one, ask the LYS for help seaming your sweater. Be sure to emphasize the assistance rather than completion aspect of this request, as some LYS actually will do the seaming for you for a $$$ fee. They may have posted rates for more complex help, or they may be willing to work through it with you for free (with the understanding that you will become a loyal frequent shopper).

Oh, Vogue Knitting has a whole section (starting p.109) on Sewing in a Sleeve. You know you want to go to right now and pick this up! I can’t re-type the whole section a) copyright issue (which should end any discussion right there) plus b) my fingers would get too tired! Some tips: block all pieces first. Start at the top of the shoulder, not from one side to the other. Pin before seaming. No sewing method is recommended that I can see, but a firm one that doesn’t have to be invisible I would guess is best. Oh and they also have some tips for joining K1P1, which might be adaptable to K2P2…


Here is a pagethat may help you. This is part of a whole online book about knitting. Look it over. There is a lot about seaming.

Thanks for this online book…it looks quite helpful.
I wish I had a local knit shop for help as I do much better with hands on teaching versus looking at a picture or video.
I will keep on keeping on!