Finishing baby hat

This is my first hat, well actually it is the first thing I have done that isn’t rectangular! I am wondering how to finish with the Zig Zag so that when I sew it together so it doesn’t have those little points at the top of the poor baby’s head making it look like he has horns or something. Btw, I am not following a pattern, I knit stitched the whole thing and just want to know how to finish. pictures are very helpful (videos are even better) :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

(basic pattern: c.o. 40sts, knit all lines for about 3 inches… unfinished. btw, I am using puffy baby yarn)

Hi and welcome to KH!

I would prolly look up other baby hat patterns that are knit flat and see how they were worked…just to get an idea on how you would like to do it :thumbsup:

Did you do any decreasing toward the top? You can do that with hats that are knit flat too, and it gives a rounded top.