Finishing an Earflap for a Hat

The main piece of my hat is done, except for seaming. Yay! It’s really pretty and I’m proud that it came out so well! :yay:

I am just about done with the first earflap that goes with the hat, and I am having trouble knowing what the final instructions mean.

“Work 7 rows straight. Cast off in rib.”

The rib pattern is given at the beginning of the main piece, so I got that down. But what does 7 rows straight mean? Does that mean 7 rows of garter? Or 7 rows of the ribbing pattern on straight needles? I’ve been using straight needles all along, so maybe it’s superfluous instructions for me?

Thanks again for all the help!!!

It’s the same as ‘work even’ - knit 7 rows in the stitch pattern without making incs or decs like you may have done just before. So just do the ribbing.