Finishing a soaker

i have finished making my first ever soaker diaper and need to do the cuffs. ive been knitting for over 40 yres but this is a new project and the parents want this soaker. instructions did not state how many stitches to use or how to add the cuff. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how your pattern goes but I’ve seen soakers that pick up one st in each row for the cuff. Do you have a link to your pattern?
You could also look at the video on the KH site for picking up sts which also talks about the ratio of sts to rows in case you’re picking up along the side of rows (Free Videos, Tips).

i got my pattern from little seedling soaker. i’ve never done this before and of course i want it to be perfect! thanks

Here’s the link - and it doesn’t specifically say how many to pick up, then just pick up what seems right to you, what will lay flat. That may be 2 sts out of every 3 around the leg opening or every other one.

The pattern suggests using a needle 3-4 sizes smaller than you used to knit the soaker and using a 1x1 rib. So however you decide to pick up (and either Sue’s suggestions will work well) the ribbing will pull in the leg opening nicely.