Finishing a pattern


I’m a new knitter and I’ve used this site for a few questions that I have had, it’s great. I have never made anything that could be worn, and I’m now almost done with a great poncho. I’m not sure of the directions on how to finish it, please help:


With RS facing, place panels with side edges meeting, matching CO and Bind Off ends.

Starting at each edge, sew panels together until the length of 9 repeats plus 6K rows of pattern stitch is sewn.

Weave all loose ends into WS of work.

I get the first paragraph, but from the second paragraph to the end I don’t understand. Please Help!!!


Apparently you don’t sew it all the way, but without a picture it’s hard to tell if you sew from the top down or the bottom up. I’m assuming you have a picture, so look at the knitting and count up (or down) 9 pattern repeats plus 6 rows. Mark that spot temporarily and weave the sides together to that point.

A pattern repeat would be the number of rows that you repeated each time before you got back to row 1.