Finishing a Neckline/Pattern Help??

Hi, I’m having trouble with this neckline on a pullover I just finished knitting, could someone explain this pattern a little better for me, please? :sweat_smile:
I’ve tried and tried but I can’t seem to get the end result

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the highlighted part is all i was able to do so far :grimacing::sweat_smile:

and this is the picture of what it’s supposed to be:

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You’ve started with the sts that have been saved on a holder for the right front (that’s the right front as you wear the sweater). Ignore the split at the front neckline. That gets worked separately later (Front Opening Edging).
Pick up sts along the right slope of the front, knit across the top of the right sleeve sts on holder, knit across back neck sts on holder decreasing 2 sts as you knit, knit across the left sleeve sts and finally pick up sts along the left slope of the front. Here’s a video for how to pick up sts in case you need it.

I’ve made the baby version of this pullover and loved it. I didn’t realize there was an adult version.

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The only part i find a little confusing is when i knit the stitches on the stitch holder my yarn line ends up on the opposite side, is that meant to happen? cause then I don’t have a continuous line where i go to pick up stitches on the curved edge of the neckline. And one more thing, those stitches I pick up, would i do one row of knitting on them as well?

and thank you so much by the way, you’re a lifesaver with my knitting! :hugs::hugs:

You’re going to knit the sts on the right front holder starting at the very edge of the neckline. This is the right edge of the held sts. If the holder is turned around so that the opening is facing the wrong way, slip the sts off to another needle so that you’re knitting heading towards the sleeve.

When you finish knitting them, the yarn should be coming off the right needle and ready to start picking up sts on the right front neck edge. Just pick up the sts along this edge as shown in the video (some directions call this “pick up and knit” but it’s all the same)…You don’t have to knit these sts again until you have all the neckline sts on the needle.

When you’ve picked up sts the yarn should again be at the tip of the right needle ready to knit the held sts for the back neck. Re-orient these sts if you need to.

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this may sound a little silly, but when they say the right side, do they mean the right side of the sweater (which would be the left side while it’s facing me) ? :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Yes, that’s it exactly!

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oh :sweat_smile: okay, it makes a lot more sense now :smile: