Finishing a hat off

I’m a beginner knitter and new to this forum too. Please can anyone advise me on how to join two sides of my hat together. Do I use a big needle and the wool I used to knit the hat, what kind of stitch am I supposed to use?

Thanks ever so much

Are you referring to seaming up the side of the hat?

If so, the best seam to make is called the “mattress stitch”. Amy made a video on how to do it on this webpage:
Scroll down to the section on “Finishing”, and you’ll see a few different seaming options. Just click the button to see the videos for each of them.

You’ll need to use the same yarn you used for your hat, so it will match.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Thanks for replying I was referring to seaming up the hat. I’ll take a look at the video you posted!!

Let us know how it goes!

By the way, you’ll need to use a yarn needle to do your seaming. I like the Clover Darning Needle Set, because I can carry my yarn needles in the little tube. I don’t lose them in my knitting bag this way.

Here’s a link to purchase a Clover Darning Needle Set, which is called a “Chibi”.