I finished my first knitted project. I kept the strap shorter than it called for as I pictured my precious granddaughters hauling it around stuffed with their favorite doll. I am hoping the will now leave my mop bucket in its place :blush:


That is pretty! :slight_smile: What is that?

Wow, lovely knitting! Such a great, vibrant color.

It is a garter stitch bag. I will be adding a cloth inlay next week just to keep doll fingers and shoes from poking out through the inside.

Thank you for nice comments. I have tons to learn, but I feel I got off to a great start.

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Love the color! Your granddaughters will, I expect, love the bags. They’ll make great additions to the mop bucket for hauling things around. :laughing: I’m sure nothing can replace the appeal of a mop bucket. I remember one of my nephews deciding that a fruit jar ring was the best thing ever, even better than sliced bread. My sister tried to get him to play with something else for awhile but he wasn’t letting it go until he was done with it.


You did a really great job!


Thank you all. My oldest granddaughter loves but a few things: pink, shopping, shoes, and chocolate. She’s 2 1/2yrs. Cracks me up.

How beautiful! You’re granddaughters will get a lot of use out of it. Lovely color, too.

That’s really pretty! You did a nice job on it!

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Thank you, you all are so kind.

I think I am becoming a knitter. I finished the bag and immediately started looking through some old knitting books. My mom gave me her books and needles years ago. Then I woke up at midnight thinking about my next 2 projects. Its good to be excited about something again. After 27yrs of crocheting I got bored with it. But I love yarn.


If you haven’t joined Ravelry you should do so. They have a ton of patterns. Some for a small price and some free. Please stay and chat with us though! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I have a scarf that is unfinished that I was knitting using reverse knitting. It was my first knitting project after I first learned to knit. Hope your granddaughters enjoy the bag!

Glad to see that you dove right into something else. I also crochet and I find that I go back and forth depending on how the spirit moves me. Hope to see more of your work in the future

I do have ravelry and craftsy :grinning:. There is just something about all those colors. The way yarn feels. The easiness of correcting a mistake. With quilting 1 wrong cut and you have a disaster. Quilts are beautiful and . just not for me to make.

Awesome job. Bet they will love it. Your bucket should be safe. :slight_smile:

Beautiful knit bag, fabulous color and crafting

Finally! Finished the cot blanket for prem baby and the twiddlemuff. After last year’s marathon hedgehog knitting (84 in total!!) I’m now totally brain dead when it comes to a new project! Meanwhile - here are the blanket and muff pics…Twiddle 2018Prem blanket

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Wait, I can’t get past the 84 hedgehogs. Really? 84?
You deserve a medal and a party at the least. I’m in awe.

The pram blanket is lovely, such a pretty design and colors. And the twiddlemuff is fantastic. So much going on and a much appreciated project as well.

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Thank you - the hedgies were worth it as they made a huge contribution towards my Habitat for Humanity trip to Nepal - and I did get a party too as word leaked out that it was my 75th birthday while I was there!

I was able to use the recent tip from this lovely site about making a nice straight edge for the blanket, so many thanks for that! :grinning:

Lovelies! And that herd of hedgehogs! That is a big prickle!

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