FINISHED~~~~WIP ~ Banana Tree Cardigan

A search on ravelry will bring the free pattern up.

Banana Tree Cardigan

Eight inches into the pattern and this is what I have so far. I had to go outside to take the picture. Black is a hard color to photograph and an even harder color to knit. I have to sit by the window or outside. If I did not need a good black go to sweater, I would have used another color.

I changed the pattern to a horse shoe because it is easier to work and keep track of, especially on black. The yarn, Lion Brand AL-PA-KA, is a very nice yarn. I get gauge and 22 rows per 50 gram skein using a US#8 options interchangeable circular needle.

It looks great. I can’t wait to see the finished sweater. I’m glad to know that the Lion Al-pa-ka is a nice yarn. Thanks very much.

Wonderful progress! I really do like the horseshoe cable! Plus, it is bolder…and shows up on the black very well!

Good job!!!

Ohhhh that’s beautiful!

Oh, this is coming along nicely! I hope you will post another pic when you’re done!

I have 13 inches of the body done and I’m hoping to separate for the back and fronts by the weekend.

I will post other pictures then.

Oh you’ll love this part! :happydance: When you can separate the fronts and the back
and work the more manageable armhole regions!!!

Those long long lonnnnnng rows are done!

Artlady, what length did you make the sides on yours’? I am 5’4". I’m thinking 15". I’m making it by the 40" measurements. While wearing the sweater, how much distance is there from your armpit to the underarm seam? if you don’t mind me asking.

My Banana Tree measures 18.5" from cast on to armhole bind-offs, where I divided to begin the armhole shaping. I’m 5 feet tall. I wanted a less sporty look. The slightly longer length is dressier, IMO. It doesn’t fit too long or even tunic length.

I want the sweater to end about mid buttocks or slightly lower (about where my wrist are hanging at my side). If I had an idea where the seam fell below the armpit then I could better judge how long to actually make the sides. The pattern calls for 15, 16, & 17 inch sides. That’s why I asked.

OH! I used the long tail CO and my bottom edge is rolling. Will blocking take care of this? The LB AL-PA-KA is 30% wool/ 30% alpaca, & 40% acrylic.

The cast on doesn’t have anything to do with the rolling. Stockinette just does that. Blocking may help.

Not sure what to tell you about the length. Take another sweater that you own and compare the lengths to make a judgment call. With me being 4.5" shorter than you…none of how this size 40 fits me will fit you the same way. How my armholes area fits my short frame is unreliable intel for a woman of your height. A 5’0" woman is shorter than a 5’4" woman in all areas…back waist length, leg length, torso/midriff length. My shoulder-to-armpit length will be a correspondingly shorter measurement than yours, so where my jacket fits me is not an example you should follow. What do your schematics tell you about the length of the armhole area? If your row gauge is spot on, you will get that length stated in the schematics. Check yourself as you knit up the Back Armhole area. If you have to…rip it down to add or substract rows to get the measurement stated in the schematics. Easier to experiment with the Back (no cabling) than on the Fronts.

I think blocking will take care of rolling that occurs due to a long tail CO. But you always have remedies to that later on. You can do the reverse crochet stitch all along the bottom edge to give it more weight if you have to. (aka “crab stitch”)

I went with the given measurement for the side length.

The front and back has been divided and I am now working the dec for the back.

Has it been since April that I started this sweater?
The black yarn is murder to work with.
I have to sit by a window or outside to work on it.

I am almost finished with the last sleeve.
Then I can block the two of them and seam it all together.

I am planning an i-cord trim around the bottom and on the sleeve edges also. When it is finished, I will post pictures. I hope to have it done by my birthday Nov.24th.

Great to hear the update! Keep on keepin’ on! You’ll get there!

Looking good so far. I look forward to seeing what the completed sweater looks like.

I am ashamed that Christmas is almost here and I still have not finished this sweater. I did pull it out to work on today. I’m doing the shaping on the last sleeve cap now. Then I will block the two. The body has been blocked. I never would have thought it would take so long. Take my advice, do not use black for such a large project unless you have the eyes of a hawk. Christmas knitting and crochet has taking first place a lot lately, but I really need this sweater done so I can wear it. Hopefully, I will manage to finish before the new year.

Y’all have a Merry Christmas!:hug:

I’m so looking forward to seeing your completed sweater!

I managed to finish the knitting yesterday and I’m off now to lay out the sleeves, pin and steam block them.

I have my misgivings about them tough. The top part where I bound off the last stitches looks too wide.

I much prefer knitting with no seams.

Keep your fingers crossed. If I can get it pinned and blocked today, then maybe I can finish it before the end of next week.

Artlady loves to seam pieces. Hey, Artlady would you please come seam and sew in my sleeves for me? You’re so fast.

Congratulations! This is really the fun part because you’re so close to the end (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).
You can try pinning in the sleeves before you block just to see if they should be blocked a little smaller but I suspect you’re past this point by now. It’s much easier to ease sleeves that are slightly too large into the armhole than to work with sleeves that are too small for the arm opening. You can even gather the top of the sleeve a bit so that it fits the opening.
Hope it all goes well and you have this finished for the holidays.