Finished two small scarves this weekend

I finished my wildly rainbow colored short scarf yesterday and started a scarf for my son and a scarf for my husband last night.

This afternoon while riding in the car I worked on my son’s scarf and by the time we got home I was almost finished with it. I finished it about 4pm. It’s not a very long scarf, because he’s only 2 and a half. I cast on only 10 stitches, using Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick on size 15 needles and it went sooo fast.

My husband’s scarf has a long way to go. It is dark gray worsted weight wool blend on size 8 needles. I cast on 30 sts and have been knitting away. It’s not going to be anything fancy.

Knitting is so much fun :slight_smile: .

Sounds like you’re hooked!! :cheering:

I am completely… knitting is a pleasure.

I described it this way to some friends:

It is highly addictive, seriously ;D. Think of it: first you pick out the yarn. There are hundreds or thousands of options: wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, cotton, cotton blends, acrylic… and the colors include every shade of the rainbow, every natural wool and cotton shade… oh and velvety yarns, chenilles, yarn with ribbons, yarn with beads… So, you pick out the yarn and then you choose needles.

Needles come in straight, double points (straight with points on two ends instead of one), or circular in wood, bamboo, aluminum, other metals or plastic. It is very sensory. Metal needles are cool at first and warm up in your hands. Plastic needles are slick. Bamboo needles are smooth with a satiny finish. They each have their own sound when they brush against each other or click together.

So, you take this yarn and the needles and by the magic of knitting you create something. It might be as simple as a scarf, but there it is. You can touch it, look at it, feel it, use it or give it to someone. You have something to show for the effort and it can be useful or beautiful or beautiful and useful…

I :heart: knitting.