Finished Sweater

Well, here it is. I ended up talking with a lady in SC that makes felted sweaters, and because my sweater was so huge after I was done knitting it and trying to block it, I tried felting it.
I like it, but I had to be very careful felting it, because as we all know felting just happens. The texture is very interesting on this sweater now.
And I love the color. And I will wear it, that is important to me, that I actually will wear stuff I make.:aww:
Thanks to everyone on the forum for all the tips and suggestions I have picked up on my knitting adventures.:grphug:

Great job! and the colour looks really lovely on you.

It looks really pretty! Love the colors, it looks perfect on you!

Great job. My DH actually has a felted sweater and he loves it. Yours looks beautiful on you!

Nicely done!

That looks great!! I am glad you could make it work and the colors are nice.

:happydance: it looks great!!

How wonderful that you were able to get help to make the sweater wear-able. And felting sweaters on purpose?! That’s a novel idea! I’ve always done it by accident! :teehee:

It looks very nice on you! :thumbsup:

the sweater looks great. i love the colors

Looks very nice! Glad you were able to make it fit.

It looks great! You are a brave lady to felt a sweater that’s for sure. It is a terrific color on you!

Great job. And it fits you so well. Beautiful colors. :clink:

Very pretty! Love the colors. I’m glad you’re able to wear it after all.

Looks good!