Finished striped sweater

I’m really pleased with this. Even better though is that my son is really pleased. He calls it the happiness jumper :blush:
He loves bright colours and chose all the colours himself.
My pattern had just solid single colour top and bottom and four narrow stripes across the chest and arms. We switched the solid colour for more stripes and variation.
I’m super proud!
I love the almost seemless seems and the stretchy loose neck edge.

I didn’t damp it down like the pattern said to because its been worn since the second I cut off the last thread and I barely talked him out if it long enough to get a photo. So I’m not doing pinning and setting or blocking or whatever it is I am supposed to do at the end.


Love those colours together, not a combination I’d have ever thought of but it works well!

The Happiness Jumper it is! It certainly made me smile. Beautiful work.

The sweater is lovely; your color choices were inspired and you figured out how to match the body stripes to the arm stripes - I’m impressed!

Lastly, you loved making it and he loves wearing it; I’d call that a 100% winner!

Super job! Those colors are just amazing! :+1:t2:

Thank you everyone. Its lovely to be able to share it and get some :smiley: smiles.

Personally I’d never choose these colours but my son has his own taste and it is a very bright one! I just wanted to make him happy with his own choice of clothes and colours, he just can’t get enough colour in his life!


Just beautiful! Super job.

Thank you, its very encouraging to get nice feed back :blush: