FINISHED Striped Socks - Synchronized Knitting Display

Since I have SOOOO much sock yarn in my stash, it’s time for me to get the socks actually knitted! After realizing that I have 2 sets of size 3 double points, I decided to knit them simultaneously, one row at a time. That way, they’ll be finished at the same time, and I can start wearing them right away. My biggest problem has always been getting that 2nd sock started.

Hey, maybe I should buy MORE sets of double points. Then I can have a HUGE synchronized knitting display! Can you imagine knitting 4 pairs of socks at the same time?

:smiley: I always knit my socks in tandem when I use dpns…I have 2, 3, 4 sets of the same size in all of my sock dpns :wink:

Those sure r purty socks :thumbsup:

Those look faaaaantastic. I love the colourful sock yarn!!! :happydance:

Do you find that you lose your rhythm when you switch every row??? I have done socks in tandem too but I tend to do the cuff all at once, then the cuff of the second sock, then leg of one, then the leg of the other…etc. Just curious how you find it going row by row?

Cool idea! Lookin’ good…

Thats a great idea. I always find that on the second sock, Im so worried about going too far, I usually end up shorter than the other!! Are those aluminum DPNs? Do you find them easy to use?? I find I have such a hard time with the yarn sliding off!! Almost made me give up, but then I tried bamboo on a suggestion from someone and they worked out much better for me!!

Yes, they are the cheap aluminum needles. I never have a problem, because I am such a TIGHT knitter. My stitches never fall off - ever! I guess that sometimes it pays to be a tight knitter.

I always make my socks from the top down so I can end in Kitchener Stitch. Otherwise, I end up with a narrow edge at the top that won’t stretch big enough for my foot to get through! (I know - use bigger needles - believe it or not, my binding off is STILL tight, even with that trick.)

I do have one set of bamboo needles, but just can’t afford to buy more. I prefer to have nice yarn instead!

Beautiful! I love that yarn! :inlove:

This is the first time I’ve tried it, and it’s not bad actually. I am using different colored needles, so I always know which one to count the completed row with. Now, if they were exactly the same, I would probably get confused!

That’s a very good idea! The socks look great!

Great start on your socks. I :heart: that yarn!


Just in case anyone is wondering, the yarn is some sock yarn I got in an eBay auction a couple years ago. It’s from Italy - “Forever Jacquard” by Lane Cervinia Tollegno. Filatura Cervinia is also written on the label, so take your guess on the name of the company. :thinking:

The color is #210. It calls for size 1 or 2 US needles, but since I’m a tight knitter, I’m using size 3 needles.

Very pretty! :inlove: :thumbsup:

very good idea! They look great.


I’ve finished the heel and gusset. Now I’m working on the foot!

They look great! I love doing both socks at once…no SSS that way :slight_smile:

Exactly…I’ve always had the hardest time forcing myself to make the 2nd sock. When the first sock is finished, I want to relax and bask in the moment of completion. But I can’t…because the project is actually only halfway done! It’s kind of a downer.

Thanks for the compliment. I am really looking forward to wearing them! I’ve made them short, because my chunky legs just can’t handle the long leg lengths. I prefer ankle socks most of the time.

They look SUPER!

Thanks Beverly! I must say I am proud of them. I might just have to wear sandals with my socks to show them off. :lol:

Alert the media! Sandy finished a project!

I can’t believe it. They’re done. And the stripes match perfectly.

The coolest part is that they were both finished at EXACTLY the same time.

Check this out. I still have TONS of yarn left. Maybe enough for another pair? I’ll have to weigh the socks, then weigh my leftover yarn and see if it’s the same. :figureditout:

I’ve also added a photo here of my socks right after I finished them. I was sitting in my craft room at the time. Look at all that chaos! :lol: