Finished socks

I finished the second sock on 2-27-08, but I’m finally getting them posted. I can’t wait to do another pair! Last night at knitting, they kept my feet so warm!:woot:

very pretty! good job!


They do look good.

Nice job.

:happydance: They look great!!

They look great. What yarn did you use?

Fabulous…I like the reinforced heel I always do my socks like that they are more hard wearing.

Great looking socks. Fantastic job! Now CO another pair… lol.

Beautiful work!

I see you are from WI…sigh…that’s where my heart is even with all that snow - I want to get back out that way…soon…


Great socks! You haven’t been around here lately - great to see you back :hug:

Great job! What method did you use for knitting your socks? Four DPN? Magic Loop Method? Two circular needles at once? I’d love to know.

Again, great job!

Sandnes Garn Sisu Fantasy for the yarn (#6547)
Chia Goo Bamboo double-pointed needles.

I started out with dpns, from Hobby Lobby and the points just weren’t sharp enough for me, so the next time we went to our LYS for knit-night, I bought the bamboo ones. I loved working with them.

This was my first project ever on dpns and my first pair of socks. Next week, at the LYS, I’m going to buy some more sock yarn. Maybe some Regia bamboo/wool yarn. Someone else was knitting with it and it was soooo soft.

Nicely done!!!

Great socks!