Finished Socks

Well, how appropriate is this? I just finished a thick pair of socks and tonight it suppose to be the coldest night of the year. I have them on right now, I can hear the wind howling outside and I feel oh-so-cozy.

Now if I could just get my butt of this sofa I could take a picture of them to show to you all. :eyebrow:

First pair, Lisa?

Technically I did one other sock a few months ago but I never did make the second one. The first one just wasn’t right so I never gave it a partner.

The ones I just finished today are made from Caron Simply Soft, color: embroidery print. I will not be wearing them out because they’re just too thick and the color is too crazy :teehee: but I loooove wearing them around the house.

I just e-mailed myself a pic. of them so I’ll have it up in a few mins.

Tah-dah. Not the best color, that’s for sure, but I love the way they feel!

nice. Very nice :thumbsup: are you gonna post these on the “Whatcha Knitting?” page?

Oh yes, I just did. I was so thrilled that I finished this pair that I went out and bought more yarn for my stash. :oops:

Hmmm…no night lights needed when getting up in the middle of the night. :teehee:

You really did a great job, though. Looks like a nice fit! Congrats! :cheering:

Those are pretty…and [size=6][color=blue]b[/color][color=red]r[/color][color=cyan]i[/color][color=violet]g[/color][color=orange]h[/color][color=red]t[/color]! [/size] :heart:

Wow! Great work! :cheering: They must be pretty cozy on your feet! :teehee:
With these nice socks you’ll get through the cold days just fine! :hug: :rofl: