Finished sewing project

As a lot of people know, my first love was sewing. But I hadn’t done any in a while I’d caught the knitting bug bad!

I’m now managing my time a bit better and have finished a dress, and have ideas for a few more.

I’m pleased with how it turned out.

You should be pleased! It looks wonderful! It would also look fabulous in other colors. Great job! :yay:

You did a great job and it looks wonderful on you. Oh, also love the shoes. Very chic, the whole outfit. I too must return to sewing, so little time, so much to do.

It DOES look wonderful on you with your girlish figure!!! Nice work and I love to sew, too…or used to before I caught that knitting bug!

Me, too…same sentiments

I started sewing when I was 10 and made a lot of things including prom dresses and clothes for my girls. Now I grumble if I have to open the machine for mending. :teehee: I’d rather knit. :wink:

And spent years collecting fabric and tools to make the job easier and quicker…I feel guilty when I walk past my sewing storage boxes so I tell them to just hang on! :mrgreen:

That’s a great dress ! I too am/was a sewer (althought never anything so stunning as you have done) and since I got married and my sewing “room” was moved downstairs to the finished basement I really don’t like sewing anymore.

AWWW! That is one of the most awesome dresses I have ever seen! I LOVE the fabric!

Wow!! Looks awesome! Great job!

:yay: Great job! I love it! And the shoes are to die for. :heart: I love to sew too but with my job and my knitting addiction take up all my time. :teehee:

You are a very talented seamstress and designer. Your designs are fabulous and creative.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.

The shoes are gorgeous aren’t they!! :heart: I saw them in the shop and went back twice to look. Then they just seem to ‘fall’ into my shopping bag and I ‘accidentally’ bought them. I really need to be more careful!!

If you like those, what do you think of these?
The crochet ones are so comfy and a bargain at £3 ($6)

:drool: @ the shoes on top!!! I admit, I’m a shoe-a-holic…lol…I’ll have to post pics of my collection one day :teehee:

The shoes ARE great!!! I love heels but I fall off 'em!

Don’t you just hate it when shoes just mysteriously find their way into your shopping bag. :wink:
I love shoes but as I have aged, the heels have gotten lower and lower-I now wear flats. :verysad: Wear those heels while you’re young, Girls!

[COLOR=“Blue”]I am so very impressed!
I know how to sew, but all I do is repair work or curtains! Anything flat is my forte!
I did sew my two girl’s First Communion dresses, and I did them in a Hippie way, with flowered-attached aprons in pinks and yellows on a white dress. They had no shapes, consequently, they fit my two little darlings.
Marvelous job you did![/COLOR]

My first love is sewing, also. I am mostly sewing for GD right now. I love the shoes. The heels I couldn’t wear, but they are beautiful on you. Jessica Simpson’s shoes at Macy’s are beautiful, but the same thing; I can’t wear such high heels. You did a great job on the dress. At first, I thought it had a wrap around for the black part of the skirt, but see it is also, the back.:cheering:

I am very impressed. Great design which looks fabulous on you. Keep up the good work.

So very cool!

WOW!! you are a woman of many talents my friend :slight_smile:
That is one seriously amazing dress . The pictures are beautiful . You look great !!
And then “SHOES” . I was wondering how long before you could go without mentioning shoes lol .
Seriously ! You did an amazing job on the dress . I love it :slight_smile: