Finished scarf is unraveling. Grr

I thought I had binded off correctly, but its unraveling. Actually, I’m not sure I finished it right - I binded off, then knotted the yarn for extra insurance. I know.

Anyway, its unraveling - just the last row that I binded off, and two stitches dropped - how do I fix?

If you can pick the stitches up on the needles again, you can bind off again. You might want to watch the video on this site to make sure you’re doing it right. If you had already cut the yarn tail off, you might need to pull out a couple of rows and bind off earlier than you did originally, to make sure you have enough yarn to get through it.

You can pick up the dropped sts, redo the bind off. When you have the last stitch on the needle from binding off, pull the loop out to secure it, then thread the tail through the nearby sts, you don’t need to knot it. You might have cut it too close and knots don’t stay well at the end (mine do in the middle of a row, but that’s another kind of knot).

i knot when i BO and then weave in a 6" tail (minimum).

something i learned from crocheting…